Greenville Aviators Association (GAA) January Meeting to be determined!

Greenville Aviators Association (GAA) January Meeting to be determined!

As many of you have seen the GAA has gone through some changes and I am happy to report we will be back with a January meeting, location to be determined. I have been considering several locations, and depending on how many folks we have will choose one of those locations in the coming days.

If there are any questions about the GAA or the status, I would encourage you to send me an email directly or reach out via out facebook page.

Also I know Sam had previously reached out to several that had shirts on order and may have already paid for those, please contact me if you have not received your shirt as I have several shirts.

As I had stated in the last email, I would ask everyone to maybe suggest a different night to meet once a month if we are going to keep meeting at the Runway Cafe. Please let me know what night would be better other than tuesdays @ Runway Cafe, we could also have it @ different locations if we wanted to, in order to mix it up a little.

I have been considering a couple locations in addition to the Runway Cafe, one of those locations is Quaker State over near the Harley Dealership, this location has a room large enough to accomodate a group our size. Another location is the DellaVenturas in Greer, which also has a large room that could accomodate us as well.

I am open to any other suggestions for locations and nights that would accomodate.

Currently I am looking at January 18th 2018 for our next meeting.
Looking forward to hearing any comments about things we could do or suggestions for 2018.

Thank you everyone!

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