April 12th Meeting

GAA will be having our regular general assembly meeting April 12th, 6pm @ the Runway Cafe, please join us for our first general meeting for the Greenville Aviators Association.

The GAA will have a buffet setup with Burger bar, Chicken fingers, and hot dogs as well as assorted other items. Cost for the buffet is $13.95, also domestic beer is available for $3.50 and import for $4.50. We would like to get an accurate count of folks that will be joining us, please email Kim Sanders @ ksanders@greenvilleaviators.com to rsvp. If you have any additional questions please email sgrice@greenvilleaviators.com

Our Agenda will include:

6pm – outside mingle

6:30pm Runway cafe open

6:40pm – Buffet line open

7:10pm – Introduction and MC – Sarah Grice

Update on new items

Shirts coming soon!!!

Update for Calendar 2016 Events

Possible “BOF” Birds of a feather side groups

Status of membership – Kim Sanders

Financial Status – Sam Grice

Marketing  – Jimmy Bright

Ideas for new members

Vice President – Tim Kemp

Fly-ins/outs planned for the coming month(s) – Sarah Grice / Tim Kemp

Fly-out  Rutherfordton Airport    –    57 Alpha

Guest Speaker – Jay Clark (GAA member) – 747 Captain (ret.)

Open Discussion


Discussion about next meeting, ideas, suggestions……..













































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